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Video conferencing Part 2

You can display the information on the screen of your PC or laptop during a video conference.

You will need:

  • a network connection to show stuff from the T drive or the school network
  • the data projector-type cable to link to the Polycom box (black box near the screen).

Once you are hooked up, use Fn + F4 or F5, as usual, to change the display to the big screen and your laptop/PC.

Important buttons:

  • The Content button (looks like a bunch of dots on a computer screen) starts and stops the sending of content
  • The Display button (looks like a screen with three quarters blacked out and  a small lighter rectangle in the lower left corner)
  • Home button – this one looks like a little house.  By using this one, you can change into or out of dual screen emulation.

Changing in to/out of Dual Screen Emulation:

  1. Push the Home button
  2. Highlight System and enter (the center of the arrows)
  3. It will ask for a password.  Use the Display Onscreen Keyboard button to get a keyboard – looks like a keyboard.
  4. Go to Admin settings
  5. Go to Monitor
  6. Go to Monitor again.
  7. Tick the box for Dual Monitor Emulation (Dual Screen Emulation).

Display button makes changes.  You can choose the most natural setting for the lesson/session context.

Press Content again to get rid of PC screen at end of session.

Note: the Display settings (such as Dual Screen) do not change the way things are displayed at the other end (Far).


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