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Video conferencing Part 3

This last section is about how to find VC or virtual events.

The Smithsonian Institute has virtual events. (Pretty neat!)

Or you can search for “virtual events”. Or you can register with CLIC. Or you can go to the Polycom content providers website. Or you could contact authors.

Some other places to look for events are
Virtual Learning Network (VLN);
Te Papa;
Collaborations Around the Planet (CAP);
Content Providers Database (CPDB);

Other things that are possible are connections with sister or brother schools in other countries or meetings with other LOOP members.

Some things to remember:

TIME ZONES. The best time for VC to the States is the morning; for the UK, early, before school or late, after school; for Asia, remember the 4-5 hour difference; for Australia, not really an issue.

If you are showing websites, show only one part at a time and zoom in so everyone can see it.

If you want to have a multiple-site VC between LOOP schools, you can all go via KAREN bridge. 0800 63 525 is the number for the Polycom engineers help desk, or you can email them at vcsupport@as net.co.nz. You’ll need the PIN number for the virtual meeting room.

For Schoolzone schools, the ones already with Polycom, email VC support or ring the 0800 number.

If you are linking multiple KAREN schools or Schoolzone schools AND KAREN schools, then it will be more complicated.

Enjoy these additional learning opportunities, and leave a comment if you go to a virtual event!


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