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Flip Mino cameras

These tiny cameras (no bigger than your average cell phone) are pretty darn good.  So much so, that I’ve recommended we get a bunch (10) for the school which are now available for booking from the library.

They record onto the camera’s solid state hard drive.  This means that there are no tapes, no DVDs, nothing.  Just the camera.  Solid state means there aren’t very many moving parts and the hardware is more durable.

The other good bit is that when you’re done filming, you just FLIP out the USB connector and load the footage onto your computer.  (Actually, you should load the editing software first, if you’re using your own/school laptop.)  You can also simply copy the files over to your own C drive.  It is best, as with all video files, to keep these files far, far away from the network drive (T drive).

I can see some really clear benefits from using the little cameras, mostly with recording assessments in English, Drama, and the like.  They are unobtrusive, have no electricity leads, get decent sound and can be put quite close to the action on little mini-tripods.  You simply push the red record button to record and then again to stop – that’s it!  Download the files to your computer and use software to edit them into your moderation submission.  Done.

They record about 60 minutes, charge from the USB and take about 20 minutes to transfer 60 minutes of footage.


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