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Game based learning

Adrian Camm, from Melbourne, Headof Mathematics at McGuire College

Camm starts by talking about Malcolm Gladwell’s idea of the ‘magic 10,000 hours’ that it requires to become an expert in a topic.  Sigh.

Then he also shows the same game-related images that Ewan McIntosh showed that demonstrate the different levels of engagement. Sigh.

Camm begins by giving two examples of immersive environments creating real-life economic pressure and ‘authentic purpose’ to counter the idea that gaming is an isolating experiences.

Some language to know:

  • MMORPG (massive multi-player online role-playing game)
  • COTS (Commerical off the shelf)
  • ARG (Augemented Reality Games)

Camm examines different COTS (commercial off the shelf) to support the idea that games are a growing economic and social phenomenon.  He believes that games will be a major tool in education

At the Games in Education wiki, ideas about the ways games can be used in the classroom.

ARG (Alternate Reality Games)  – these are not quite ready for use in the classroom.

Lure of the Labyrinth teaches problem-solving skills in a games context.  Teachers can check on the amount of time the students have logged in the game.
ElectroCity is like SIMS, but based around the development of a town and includes teacher resources. (This is also a NZ-based company.)
Zork is an example of a game which is text-based, rather than requiring flashy graphics.
Conspiracy Code (have to pay to get the game) from Florida Virtual School is an example of how to use gaming in a whole unit, incorporating credits.
Grow RPG is a simple example of choices and consequences.

The main thing is to contextualize the learning.  It is important to set it within a learning context, in order to make the learning explicit.


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