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Video conferencing at Abbotsleigh

Video Conferencing: helping students become global citizens

Simon Ware & Warwick Noble from Abbotsleigh
4 (!) full time ICT integrators
(private girls’ school in Sydney)

WN wanted to ensure that it would not be equipment that sat in a cupboard and/or seem really difficult to use.

Initial aim was to have 12 VC in the first year. Actually had 44! This is due to having ICT integrators who do their job FULL TIME.
Some dedicated spaces, but also has some mobile use. the aim is to bring the VC to wherever the learning is happening.
They also use it for meetings and for proof of global presence as a school, as global school.

Costs of VC? The school covers this under the software budget for the school. This could be a solution for us, or perhaps getting the students to bring in  or 2 dollars, demoing on the size of the class.

VC creates ‘just in time’ learning opportunities.  
VC is more dynamic than watching video

Many universities have ‘Cinderella’ collections; they sit unused in a room, but professors can create a presentation for the students around it. Does Vic, Otago, AUT have something like this?

VC is better than Skype because it creates a better immersive experience for students.
Abbotsleigh have been recording their VC; can we? Then we should make the VC available online on Moodle?  
Can set up more than one screen, so you can have a VC and PowerPoint going at once.

Sign up to Capspace. You create a profile, like FB, and can put out requests for help.
Twice  and CILC are available through Polycom
Some other ones operate like listservs and will send you email alerts.
If you can’t find what you need, ask. Ask a university, company, etc. Often they have VC equipment that isn’t used much, but are happy to sort something out.

VC is being used at the upper end here. It’s more like an enrichment, rather than as it’s being used in NSW (Breakout 3).

Ways used:
Virtual excursions
Talk to experts
National & international collaborations
Professional development opportunities
Inter-campus communication (because their campus is split by a freeway)    

Virtual Excursions
Penn Museum
6th Floor Museum (JFK>
Sheffield Museum (Canada)
Nicholson Museum
Scott Base, Antarctica

Talk to experts
Physics & astronomy (big bang)
Health and nutrition
Authenticity of the Bible
Careers Fair (had women in different careers presenting via VC)
Holocaust survivors (in USA)
Literary festival 

St Lorraine language exchange (speaking to classes in other country)
Read Around the Planet (global literacy initiative)
Social Justice

Community of practitioners (could have school to school sharing for LOOP schools?)
Teacher Librarian conference
Development Office Fundraising
IT Managers meetings
K-12 team meetings

1 must be authentic learning experience
2 prepare your students
3 students should come to session with questions
4 if there are questions, email them to presenters
5 time zone convertors are your best friend (ask the presenters when is best for them too.)
6 do a test call before the actual conference, week before, etc.
7 don’t need to fill whole lesson
8 know your tech tip and tricks, and who to call if things go wrong)
9 come prepared, bring your laptop and mobile, just in case.
Possible to have synchronous sound. Could we expand this for music?
Very important to prep the people presenting the VC as well as the students.


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