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Sylvia Martinez-the 92% Solution

Sylvia Martinez 
The 92% Solution 

The 92% refers to the students. They are about 92% of the school population 

Generation YES
Students work with technology to bring new skills to their own schools. Sort of like Tech Angels but on a much bigger scale?
Integration of technology for a particular purpose

smartinez on twitter

(ramifications for an aging population. Really important to capitalize on this I think)

Include students in the process of using technology to make education better
Value their contribution
Provides support for technology use outside of formal PD

Hoping that 8% of the school population has enough time and knowledge to use technology effectively for everyone.

Technology ecology
Waste nothing (talent, energy, passion)
Multiple purposes and uses
Raise the bar
Grow your own

You have to create more competency within your own ranks

Tech support can encompass more than just fixing broken things

Media Smart Day
About students teaching students about cybersafety, media literacy, etc, planned by the students

Allow students to have knowledge of the standards and objectives, let them in on it. Make them allies.

Report that analyses students based on being ‘nonconformist’ students
Somewhat self-selected, self-identified, hackers
Traditional influentials

These are the kids you need to get involved in things in order for other students to listen

Create a system to keep track of what the students do, by hours, by number of teachers, the applications, etc. As well as anecdotal evidence, videos, etc.

This sort of programme has better results than standard, formal PD.

Student leadership models
1. Train and support staff
2.Provide tech support
3. Developing resources and communicate for school
4. Mentor peers

Also, can reach out to community
-Make websites for local businesses
-Run courses for local groups of people

Authentic problems for student support
1. Tech support
2. PD support, in and out of classes
3. Student technology literacy

If there is peer support for advanced algebra, why not for technological literacy?

Take the most important problem that you have and figure out how student scan help with that.

Student projects are used as basis for assessment.
Peer mentors help to answer additional questions.
Students are taught how to mentor, to ask questions, to help people.
Both parts are used to assess students. The actions of the peer mentors can be assessed against criteria and the actions of those completing the projects are too.


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  1. Are there any aspects of what Tech Angels do that could be used for assessment?

    Comment by Ms Laird | February 27, 2011 | Reply

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