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FLIP videos for teaching languages

Flip cameras and languages
Mark Trudell
St Andrews Middle School, Hamilton

Can contact local university and see if they will fund a trip to another country for you

Using Ako’s principles of learning with the students, teachers and students learn from each other
Teaching as inquiry

Action research project
Does the use of video as a reflection tool help students learn a language?

Met with students and set personal goals
Came up with ICT tools that they used: FLIP video, Audacity, Voicethread, Voki

(Toon Do?)

Students came up with own success criteria

Gathered baseline video of students having a basic conversation 
Comparative data showed longer more authentic conversation
Progression data, first unit teacher-led, then every other unit was run by students

WALTS co-constructed by students
Then students complete self-assessment via FLIP video 

Using Learning Language Series available from TKI

Techniques can be used in other subjects or topics
Video and then show it to the kids and ask how things could be improved. Work on those things, video again and compare.


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  1. Did he mention anything about storage space? Did the students access the video after wards – i.e. was it retrievable or a one off?

    I am sure our languages team will be interested – if not aware of the TKI info already.

    Comment by Ms Laird | February 24, 2011 | Reply

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