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Genius cafe – PD using Google Apps

Genius cafe
Professional development using Google Apps

Presented by Nelson cluster – 7 schools
Isaac Day

‘None of us is as smart of all of us’ Ken Robinson CROWDSOURCING

Have a chance to see every other school in cluster. This could work in Wellington.

Genius Bar is basis for this. Walk in IT support? From Apple.

Document started with title and national goals
Then TASK table, columns which tracked completion

Important basis for this was that the teachers led the cluster, even within the parameters of the normal school day. Also, based on student leadership.

The process looks like this:
-Contribute to shared doc
-Develop plan

Get a space and divide it into sections
Creativity centre (sandbox and Geniuses and FOOD and COFFEE)
Innovation centre (trade centre)
Play centre (have a go playing with technology)
Learning centre (run by students, specifically targeted learning, 3 minute sessions)

Asked vendors to come along
Brainstorm ideas for each section, each centre
Allowed an hour and a half per session in the sandbox.
The idea is to give teachers a chance to try out and play

Geniuses were told to deliver info short and sharp and not to do it for the teachers.

Nelson handed out laptops, no need to bring own, had power cords available, etc.

Genius cafe will probably be running on the 15th of April 2011

Asked students the question: what do you know that teachers need to know?

Then they picked the best three. Put them on a big card next to the genius. Ask me about…
Gave students GENIUS t-shirts
Students would offer their services to teachers.
Intention was for teachers to be able to choose from the posters.

Geniuses were selected from all the schools through applications.
Chose students based on social skills.
Students found it a little difficult to fill out a CV.
Next time, would choose a team of four from each school so they can go back to the school and give back there too.
Had two training days.
Told TWO things
-Our hands off, their hands on
-3 minutes maximum
-Send them away, preferably to the sandbox to play with the idea

What about kids teaching kids? Slightly different focus than this project. Practice day was with other kids.

Had a morning and afternoon sessions. Reached 82 teachers.
Released teachers with cluster funding.

Ewan McIntosh ‘Don’t tell people what they need to do; pitch to them.’
And choose carefully, you could pitch to the students instead.

Have a keynote speaker via a video. Make an area where people could watch it.


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  1. Useful do you think? Cyber version of akonga (tuakana/teina – peer teaching)

    I like the idea of pitching to students instead of telling them.

    Comment by Ms Laird | February 27, 2011 | Reply

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