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In preparation for the upcoming LOOP session on e-portfolios, here’s an interesting blog post about the E-Portfolio Forum in the States. Reading the comments, it seems that these are becoming widespread in tertiary education in the USA.

Two of the aspects which are of particular interest to teachers New Zealand:

  • the on-going incorporation of reflective practice for students
  • the difficulties of buy-in, which I would argue is influenced by the use and valuing of traditional assessment, rather than portfolios.
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    Learning spaces

    This looks inspiring!

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    Professional judgement and teaching

    This is an interesting talk about the regulation and control of institutions like education. Barry Schwatrz is talking about ‘practical wisdom’ which is what we term ‘professional judgement.’ He is discussing the difference between following rules or standards and doing the right thing.

    And here he talks about the improtance of teaching character and using practical wisdom in teaching. He also makes the interesting point that rules eliminate the need to think, since all you need to do is to use the rule in any problematic situation.

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    What is worth paying for in schools?

    This is an interesting article from the States. It’s asking questions about spending in schools, and I think, taken along with Scott McLeod’s keynote speech, it’s pretty important to think about the trend.

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