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Movies, maps & memories

Brian Flaherty talks about image preservation
Associate university lecturer at Auckland university 

Websitemonitoring.com for stats on YouTube viewing

Should a library have a relationship with YouTube?
(what about e-cast?)
Haven’t really started to think digitally about video. 
How to preserve, catalogue, etc.

Christchurch tsunami? Anecdote
What if search brought up everything, not just what is in catalogue?
What is the library’s relationship with the local video content?
Just embed it?
Keep a copy of it?

What about blogs and audio too?

‘libraries don’t care about ephemeral’ maybe they should? Or is it for archivists?

What should libraries’ relationship be with New Zealand OnScreen?

Matapihi? What about this? Or maybe Te Puna?

BF recommends aggregating information about the items, sp that everyone can find the stuff.  Working together to create searchable records.

Looks at Uni-set which is e-cast for universities?

Auckland university is 

Digital asset management
Final cut server
EPG metadata
flash streaming server

Not ideal process, but enables them to embed into the catalogue, and into teaching reseources? Can be streamed from catalogue  

Developing video annotation tool. Both teachers and students can  use them.

Digital stuff is not included in collection management document.

Chapman Archive
Used to record TV and radio
Working on digitizing this collection

With Screenrights, you can capture TV and distribute it for educational purposes.

2. Maps
What’s the relationship of libraries with maps? 


What should libraries be doing with their maps.

What about GIS, layering aspect of digital maps?

What about mashups?

What about old maps?

Currently, maps are being digitised
University of Auckland are trying to find and digitize as many maps as possible
Also attempting to layer them, see below.
Have some maps that have have to do with 

GeoNetwork-open source software to layer maps together.  Geospatial story of the country. Other people in other places awe doing this, but not NZ.

Aiming for a national archive of historic and contemporary cartographic and geospatial materials.  Linking these maps with images too.

3 Memories?

Institutional memories
Capturing some things, but not delivering it well.

And how to catalogue? What file formats to use?

Able to use catalogue to search and locate all the different formats. 

Currently random silos, but there’s a need to combine it and deliver it better.

San Diego Technology Archive-have a look at this!

Why didn’t this guy have more time??

How to deliver this information to mobile devices?
What can be delivered to mobile devices and how?

Catalogue on mobile device
RSS feed on new books
library hours
GPS for branch location

BF thinks that the information should be sent directly to mobile devices, not just information about where to get the information?

Mobile app?
Mobile version of website?

Waikato has mobile web, using MIT framework.

What is your library’s strategy for mobile devices?

Could go app direction. Stanford University has apps for lots of educational elements

Re-think relationship with digital objects that libraries are not dealing with well.  


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