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Embracing a cyber world – understanding and managing the risk Brett Lee

Brett Lee

Embracing a cyber world – understanding and managing the risk

Start kids young on the Internet so that they learn at an early age the rules and guidelines for when they are older.
If kids are unleashed on the Internet as a teenager, they will choos rot push the boundaries. 

The Internet creates myths about how we are reacting and interacting.
One of the main ones is to give the feeling of anonymity.
Another one is that they think it is a private space, but it is a public space that is accessed within a private space. Then same rules apply.
It gives them power.
They think they can see others and don’t think others can see them.

Myths need to be dispelled.

it is about how we treat people.

EG: You wouldn’t give a stranger your photo on the street, so you don’t do it online.  You wouldn’t talk to a random stranger your name, your email, etc, so you don’t do it online.

Kids need to be given reasons for doing the right thing.

Just because you cannot see a person’s face, does not mean that they are not real, and therefore they could intend to hurt you. You must always choose to treat them as if they are a real, physical person in front of them.

Students need to be helped to conceptualize their actions as part of the real, physical world, that the virtual world is just a representation of the actual physical world.

They see the screen world as imaginary, and it needs to be made real.

Double check online ‘games’ that disguise chat rooms as a ‘game’.  It can teach kids to react in a particular way to the approaches of strangers.

Cyberbullying is under the same category.  The way you treat someone online or in the virtual world goes by the same rules. If you wouldn’t say it to them or do it to them, then you shouldn’t be doing it.


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