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Teachers working smarter- using e-resources to make science learning go further

Mary Loveless
National facilitator – blended e-learning

Repository of resources 
Available on conference website. “Presenters resources”

VLN blended e-learning group

  • Where are the resources in your school
  • Does every teacher know what is available
  • What is a resource?

Planet science
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Archive them and label them

Making better sense series
From MoE

Building science concepts, from TKI Back of the Chair resources

Science Online


Helix magazine from CSIRO, Australia 
Scientriffic, good for lower levels, ages

Science by email, free e-newsletter for members of CSIRO’s Double Helix Science Club

EMAP (Environmental Monitoring and Action Project)

Jessie McKenzie at RSNZ
Great resource. Very helpful

Concept Cartoons
Resource with a cost
Book and CD
Can give the concept and blank speech bubbles so that kids can fill in with their own answers (hypotheses)
Also available for English and Maths.

Kick Starts from NZCER

Science Postcards

Picture books as ‘hook’. List on VLN group

Science Learning Hub
Videos of scientists talking about their stuff

National educational monitoring project (NEMP)

Regional councils


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Digistore Learning Paths

Finding your way with Digistore Learning Paths

Rochelle Jensen

Te pataka matihiko http://digistore.tki.org.nz/ec/p/home
Software for learning

What is a learning path?
Why create one?
How do I create one?

A collection of links that can be accessed all in one place 
Collection of learning objects with teacher comments

Once created, students do not need password to get in.

(have a look at the real friends collections for year 12 media, animation to recorded interviews)

To learn how to make one go to http://digistore.wikispaces.com/Learning+Paths
-what is the purpose?identify learning goal/purpose
-locate relevant resources
-add digital content
-add teacher notes

Use Advanced Search or About this Site to find content.

-Strong in maths
-Strong in content for juniors
-Strong in New Zealand content
-Includes primary learning objectives

Go to Using Digital Content Wiki and choose Additional Sources

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